The unbearable state of desire.

My name is forever tainted by the sound of your breath. It is in deep embrace with each moan that escapes your muffled lips.

My name has been tamed. Each time they call it, I throb in anticipation of your fingernails digging into my spine. Chain my vocal chords with strands of your hair, my voice quivers when I hear yours.

My skin has changed patterns and my veins realigned following the trace your touch has left lingering. I itch unwillingly, feeling phantom cravings from faded deliriums. Perhaps the worst is feeling you so close into my hips, swinging from side to side, teasing with your smile. Perhaps the worst is reaching out to grab you and collecting dust.

My soul is famished for the spark you send dripping down my neck each time your hand touches mine in the morning, almost aching from the sleepy absent mindfulness of the night. And in this turmoil of beautiful agony, I breathe you in, take all of you into me, as if it were the last time we meet.

Pink Diaries By Asher Moss.

Linger on my skin°

Moments in dimmed lights and muffled conversations eat me up as I stare through the ceiling, onto the galaxies.

I run my fingers across chapped lips [an urge to taste]. Awkward glances over silent records and unspoken cravings.

I look at you with eyes filled with famine, a drought waiting for a single drop of rain. I look at you with a melody in my head of manners and how to put them at ease. You my dear are a work of art in progress, and I hold the brush, dipped in black, ready to ruin you.

Bebe – Cocaïne
Nouvelle Vague – In a manner of speaking
Groove Armada – Think twice

About last night°

Grab the sheets by your tightened fists as I run a flower up your thigh. Breath into my ear with muffled moans and whisper that you crave more… Your mouth is wide, but all your voices are haunted,and your nails are deep, eating at me… 

Lock your eyes with mine as you quiver and shake. I want to look into your soul when in a moment lost in time, your lives collide into one.

Let me grab you by the arch of your back and push you onto my skin, with the taste of sweat down your neck, onto the tip of my tongue.

Come with me as I come into you and let’s quiet everything in our head.

Hands on mouths, ankles spread apart, teeth in skin and your taste on my fingers.

[The sun comes up, and I’m still hungry for you.]

Swirl into my mind*

Stop it! Stop rushing and running into those fields of daisies.

Melt my lips with a whisper and crush it! Speak words of love, forgotten with the morning sun. I choose to be a victim of your insensitivity! A martyr by choice for those sparkling eyes. Draw your fingers down my aching back and make me bleed drops of burning poison. Hold on to me tight and let time pass us by.

The more you push me away, the more I drown into your hands. And I fall into this swirl of dangerous temptations of words and things like flawed and broken compliments. And when I give in to your negligence, you draw me back into this web of shiny heartfelt feelings.

The moment, the exact moment I think I got you all figured out, you bend and twist my truths into shapes and shades of black I can’t recognize.

Fall back and surrender! Crash my bones with your skin! Why do you torment me so?