Idle anthem.

Some things are better left unsaid, in the pit of your stomach, festering heartache of what could have been. Some things are better left alone, in dark corners of houses that used to be your haven.

Love, your heart is a gruesome desire of “can’t be” and “what should have been”. Your soul is tainted by screeching voices coming out of your bones.

You’ve come a long way, put the past in a box, wrapped it up nicely in a ribbon. You’ve made yourself a little gift, haven’t you? Thinking that if something so ugly from within looked remotely pleasant, it would feed your imagination with crude images of maybe-s.
Straighten up, hold it in, smile little puppet. You haven’t even began to understand all the ways in which you are broken.
Stand tall, aim high, you know it’s only a matter of time until you fall. But that’s alright because in any case, what other choice do you have?
You’re made of tiny bits, glued together by hopeful redemption, by sorrow and ambition. And you are worthy of love, the kind that will turn your scars into works of art.

Still forest.

There is a me inside, that I keep at a distance; intangible, unattainable, almost mystical

Shadows of a light; precautious and fearful in the waves of the winds

Breathe me in and breathe me out, I will bend and twitch, curve and bow

You can’t tumble down my white walls of lies and hidden locks;

Now you may drizzle on my ray of light and hope to fade it into the night,

But how can you expect a little bit of rain, to shun out something that the mind can’t contain.



My twisted mind may be unacceptable, despised by a society terribly ignorant,

And my body may be a sin of sorts, inviting you to praise the Satan from within.

For all intense and purposes, you search for a soul to blame and condemn and prosecute;

Knowing well that in fact, you can never fight something so instinctive so divine.


Build me up inside your mind; display me on your crystal pedestal,

Make me into some forbidden lust; it only grows weary on me.


There is a me inside, that I keep at a distance; for you will never comprehend,

You will never seize the depths of my depth,

The breath to my inner soul,

The demons in my innocent glare,

The light in the shadow of my fingertips.

Collapse into me

Dive into the big blue ocean,
Crash into the devouring waves,
Sudden surrender
Fall into my arms
Collapse into me
And drift away with the tide

Dive into the big blue ocean,
Deep deep inside
Pinch the sandy ground and possess it

Swim far away where no soul can reach,
Where no voice can be heard,
Where all light is dim,
Where you can barely breath,
Where you surrender your thoughts and desires,
Where no body else can see you…

Swim far away… so far away…
I can still reach you…
I will always reach you
Through the sandy shore,
Underneath the ocean air…

Fall into me,

I will carry you as you fall…
For i will fall with you
Cushion the blow
Hold you endlessly

Just when you thought you had it all figured out…

It all starts with the first ray of light, the moment when you open your eyes and you cling to your sheets. That’s when all of the inspiration of the day hits you; the exact moment when your toes are cold and tingly, while your blood is soothing and warm through your veins.

And it all starts again…

Ibai Acevedo

Do you believe in coincidences?

Well I don’t… Everything is intertwined, all is interconnected. Every choice that I made yesterday will affect my life in ten years… you may call it the butterfly effect, you may call it karma or even the law of attraction… all these theories sum up to one and only ideology.

The choices you make today, will for sure affect your life path all the way. And with every changing variable, the entire equation changes.

And the single most influential variable of all: human nature…

The contradictions that lie within a person are mesmerizing, to say the least. People are filled with good and evil… essentially we’re all raw, wild, passionate and driven by our instincts… the black in the Ying. That’s when your parents, environment and society come in to mold you, to sculpt the little pieces of your soul into something more convenient to your entourage… Contradictions then arouse: good vs evil, right vs wrong, perfection vs imperfection… It all shapes you.

However, while some people think that it is in being absolutely good and pure and morally driven, you become perfect; I believe that it is when you balance the various aspects of your personality, that’s when you become whole.

A purely good person? How annoying is that! you can never believe such a person and at some point he/she will develop into being a snob show off.

Perfection is when you realize all the imperfection there are in a soul and create such a dynamic that will balance various aspects and contradictions out.

Therefore, every morning, I wake up with the tingly exciting feeling of wonderment:

How will this day shape me?

Where will my new encounters lead me?

Are the plans I made yesterday still valid today?

And what, Oh what will this new day surprise me with?

Inspired from an earlier undone post and from current events I am savoring as long as I get to

Two roads diverged in a wood…

Robert Frost once said:

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth”

We walk through life with a certain perspective, ambition to where we would like to go, the goals we’d like to reach.  We have this perfect image in our head of where we’re going to be standing in 10 years. We seek perfection and satisfaction… we lean towards a certain image drawn by our upbringing, our social entourage and our deepest desire for success in many different aspects of life.  But if it were just as easy as willing it, we would all be kings and queens. Unfortunately, it’s not.

If you reach the destination you’ve been so longing for, well you’d be one of the few lucky minority. And in order to arrive to the end line, there are choices that you will have to make. Choices  affecting every outcome, every consequence, every turn you take… choices… affected by your mood, your friends, the signs around you, your desire, your logic, the flow of people around you, your needs… one of the hardest tests along the way… to be able to make a choice….

“Then took the other, as just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim,

Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

Though as for that the passing there

Had worn them really about the same.”

Through our each individual journey, every now and then we would be at a crossroad. Dilemma would set sail and confusion would reign. How do you choose which way to go? Who to follow? Whether to lead? Just how can you possibly take a pick out of this whole world of endless  possibilities. Now, surely you’d like to take the easy way out. The choice that threatens you the most and threatens the balance you have created for yourself. Do you dare shake it and create an alternative lifestyle for you? What if you fail? What if the choice that you take this day would create infinite ripples of repercussions; so infinite that the shifts in dimension that would take place would be amnesic to your mind and soul.

“And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black,

Oh, I kept the first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,

I doubted if I should ever come back.”

However, life is fragile. Fragile and swift. To have regrets and disappointments is useless and purely painful. It’s only natural to wish upon a star, to hope for another chance to take it back. Not all stories have a happy ending, not all picks turn out to be the best. But regretting them surely would not bring you forth in life. Walking down the road, you can’t help but glance into the past. However, it’s all about perception and perception is relative. While some might be heartbroken over what could have been only if; others know that learning is the big outline of the entire experience. It doesn’t help feeling sorry for yourself. But if you could take a handful of lessons out of each experience then what ever you have done has turned into success!

“I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –

I took the one less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference.”

When life deals you a certain set of variables, you’d think that the options are so limited. You think that this is the most that you’re gonna take it. But the truth is, if you let your imagination run a little wild, you’ll find yourself in places you never dreamed of seeing. If you just let loose, you’ll turn those options around and create your own set of variables.

Everything is interchangeable and intertwined. When a drop of your tears falls, or a vibe of your laughter glows your entire future re-shapes itself. Nothing is for granted, nothing is stolen, all is deserved! The colors of life are infinite and admirable, so why not use them and abuse them

Taking risks is what makes this lifetime worthy, fun and livable. Sure, we can all live in a viciously dull cycle and always be safe – rather than sorry. However, we can also make the most out of it – and let the sky be our limits. Life is full of clichés: which ones would you pick?

The light that leads into the dark.

As the air that swifts beneath the sand to lift it up and touch the sky, and the sea collapses embracing the shore, the sun glides into the horizon, hiding its face in masquerade and shame.

People wear off and slide under their sheets. Giving in, surrendering to the comfort and the warmth of their sanctuaries. Or is cowardice letting its face show after the struggle of a day?

Other lost souls wander off into the night, guided by the moonlight, torn apart by desire and ambition leading them into one road, whilst values and morals tread the other way.

People lost on the streets, smoking their cigarettes, drunken, broken, stolen and often cryin’

“Excuse me sir, may I borrow your soul for the night, for I can’t sleep when I dream, and when I’m awake I am flawed” begs and pleads the old man.

He spent his entire life trying like a gentleman, and his wife died of hunger and pain. Heartbroken, he was, when he swallowed his pride and overlooked his beliefs… he never under-looked ever since.

And the young woman laughs at him, spreading her legs, showing her thighs, hiding her tear, masking her scars. She is still 6 in her heart, but which man cares about such trivia and useless core values?

And fear in itself drives all the creatures of the night. Fear twists their arms and they fall on their knees unknowing. In the shadow of the moon, they all show their true nature, unveil their true passions and sell their souls for the self satisfaction of an addiction.

Who can honestly claim freedom from addiction? I know no such man.

And all men ask the same questions.
Questions they know how to answer.
Questions they know how to eliminate.

Then on, stupidity drags mediocrity; poverty drags failure; and money, oh the most powerful of all weapons, drags subordination.

Recommended playlist:
Bad things – Jett Everett
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Lost – Coldplay

On a rollercoaster.

We would all like to believe that we are in control of our emotions, that we could -willingly- feel an emotion or simply delete it. Since emotions are a pure product of the mind, this means that controlling them is not an absolute impossibility.

We would all like to think so.

On the other hand, we think of ourselves as impenetrable shields of facades and strengths. As if we could take on anything in the world and remain unchangeable, unwavering. As if this tough exterior can get hit by lightings of heartaches and thunders of sadness and earthquakes of seduction and still stand strong in the face of it all.

But there’s only so much that a human spirit can take on.
By Ibai Acevedo

In the midst of an adventure, you will not feel the changes that you’re absorbing and that are imprinting on the deepest level of your being. However, when the time comes, you probably won’t recognize yourself. The vast disparity between the person you thought you were and the person you actually turned out to be will catch you off guard.

When you’re into something way too deep, you tend to lose track of time and space, and sadly you lose track of people. You put almost all of your emotional energy into something, thinking that you have found the perfect gateway for you.

But sometimes it’s important and needed to just drag yourself out of a story no matter how hard it is and take a good look at yourself; see if you like this person, if this person you thought you knew is satisfied. If not, then learn how to satisfy your needs, wants and desires.

Figure yourself out.