you are love.

you stretch your fingers and flirt with the morning light, arch your back and then curl up against the curve of my neck. i draw on your skin, like i would with my tongue.

you feel the way love should. like warmth has cradled my heart with tenderness. like serenity has drizzled in between my bones.

you feel the way love would. like i have been wandering the streets looking for home. like i have found it in the softness of your ribcage.

you feel the way love could. like i want to build a fortress with you and call it our haven. like my spine can collect the weight of the world as long as the palm of your hand is against my back.

you feel the way love has never felt before. like i can open my wounds and tell you “here is everything that cripples me” and know that you will be the one to save me.

you feel like love. on this morning, the sun crawling up your arm, your lips warm against my skin, your fingers intertwined in mine… you are love.