Ask me why I love you…

I love you in ways my body didn’t know could oblige. With melting fingertips lingering on your wrists, consumed by the anticipation of hearing your cracked morning voice crawling into my ears. I love you with your open mouth leaning towards my shivering spine that just turns into waterfalls each time you undress me.  I love you with bits of my soul forever lost in your ribcage, happily immersed in your embrace. I love you with famine for the thoughts fluttering in your head on how to surrender in absolute love. I love you with the patience it takes you to hold my arms and breathe serenity into my turbulent mind. I love you with the haste that takes over me when you come out of the shower breeding fields of lillies with each step you take towards me. I love you with the molecules that intertwine to make me whole and the gaps that are filled by the energy that emanates from your heartbeats.

So when you ask me at dawn with your sleepy wonderment about why I love you, it’s because everything that you are, is essential to my existence.


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