When everything dies.

The palm of your hand trembles on my back as we sway in an empty field. Darling, we’re forever lost in silent woods. Barefoot we walk side by side. Why do you fear me?

You hold me closer, tighter… and twirl me around as daisies fall at my feet, withering as they surrender… You spin me around in unbound arms stretched out to the sky. You say that I’m a drug of contemplation, a high without the fall, a quick fix. You grab me by the neck and tell me that my skin radiates escapism and my eyes glow to keep away the darkness in your mind. You press your hand on my heart and scream into the void, that the only things that satiates your famine is my curled up thoughts…

And as I spin, twigs get caught in my toes, shred my blue satin dress.

And as I twirl, my breath gets heavier, my head lighter. My heart clenches. I need to stop.

But I spin, and I twirl until my feet fail me and I drop to my knees.

You’re still here.

You hold me tight, and in your broken embrace you whisper in my ear “we’re all addicted to whatever takes the pain away”