I stood under the scolding droplets for the longest time, thinking about the night I held your hand under the rain… Where was I taking you? 

If stories were true about loves and forevers, well then with each drop falling on your forehead, I saw a little eternity of moments. 

So I took your hand, let go of the umbrella, and we ran… Clumsy and wild… Then you pulled me closer, under the flailing lantern lights embracing our silhouettes, and kissed me for all the flashbacks we didn’t get to have.

I promised you, in unspoken breathes, that my tainted fingertips will never tarnish your delicate skin. That the fire in my words will fall at your feet.

[…] I stood under the scolding water for all the eternities we didn’t bring to life, leaned against cold walls, and thought about the time i walked away in the rain, for fear of drowning you in me.