In a world where flashing lights take over my mind, you are the voice of reason. You came into my life, with slow and steady caresses, implementing my molecules to a new surrounding. 

I am in anticipation of who you are, of how your whispers feel in my ear… I am in awe, in absolute awe over your smile; it brings my armor down to its childhood serenity. 

You say things like “the weather is lovely today” and all I hear is a melody of the wind drifting on the arch between your neck and shoulder… 

I’ll give you the thoughts in my head and what lies beneath; the breathe pumping in my veins and the echo of my heart… I’ll tell you stories about the monsters in my bed, and how I’d feel empty if they deserted me… And if you stay long enough, I’ll give you my open hand to draw the stained sheets of our love..