Tiny lullabies°

I want to stay up til 5a.m. talking to you about how rivers make a melody only tree leaves can hear, and how sometimes, if it’s really quiet outside, you can see someone light a candle in the mountains… I want to tell you about that time an old man crossed the street, and that made me cry and go back home to curl up under white sheets stained with wonders. 

My skin has questions that only your nails can answer. And my lips have answers for the clouds in your mind… Then you rock back and forth in the pit of my stomach and mesmerize me with things like breathing.

And last night, the stars came down to sleep in my bed, wiggling between my toes. But nothing can compare to your eyes undressing me…

So please my dear, know this much, if anything else matters in the world, it’s faded and colossally undivine…because you, I think of you, in colors, in black and white, in earth and that makes all the sense in the world; doesn’t it?