«One lifetime ago»

Why don’t we pretend, if only for a second, that you and I are ancient lovers… For just on sunrise, let our skin touch under the rays of weightless light and electrify our senses. Let me turn towards your back and run my fingers down your spine and send you into a dream within a dream.
Let”s play pretend for one afternoon that I know exactly how you like your coffee while working at your desk. That me laying on the couch, feet in the air, reading a book, my head on your lap is the most natural thing in the world; that your scent is familiar to my heartbeat and that my cells go into a frenzy when they see your atoms approaching.
For just one sunset, hold my hand against your arched back as I see reflections in your eyes of candle lights and cotton clouds. Let’s just intertwine in a whirlwind of serenity and fall into eachother.
For just one day, only one, let’s blissfully imagine the life that we crave, if we had met one lifetime ago…