I wish I could shed my skin, breed new cells all over again and start a new pattern.  How I want to be untouched and untainted. I want to be clean of all of you, like a newborn’s skin, shining under the twinkling lights of the nursery

If only I could shake you out of my entire nerve cells down the ramifications of my spine. Wake up in the morning and smell the coffee and be reminded of everything new, without the cracking flashes of broken memories

Could I build 5 new senses? Exchange all the ones I have now, with all their emotional package and start over. I wonder how it would feel like to listen to my first song again. Would my ears tingle and my spine shiver

How I wish I was somebody new, unaffected by you, someone that wouldn’t remember you at every corner. I hope, from the bottom of my guts, from the fiber of every atom in my body, from all the energy that I still have in me that my scars would fade away; that people won’t just look at me and know that I am bruised and battered and shattered by my past

I pray for you to never feel possessed by somebody else, and if you do, then I pray you hide it well


4 thoughts on “Possessed.

  1. I must confess. I constantly read and re-read your posts. They are simply beautiful.
    At first I just go with the flow of your writing. And then it sets my mood. I start thinking. And every word you say will keep me wondering. Sometimes, when I’m in a specific state of mind, I enjoy reading posts that relate to me even if you wrote them a year ago or so..
    I feel that you take out all these thoughts stuck in my head, intertwine them and put them in few lines. Thank you for taking all this weight out of me.
    I officially love your blog.

    1. The first time you commented on my writing and blog you filled me up with such emotions. i was so proud and happy to be able to connect with you over a few thoughts and words.
      And to know that you still check up on my little bubble of a world, i can’t tell you how overwhelming it is.
      so actually, thank you for every so often, with out even realizing, you give me motivation to write.

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