Goodnight Moon*

I watch the tide rise up to shore

And sand fades away with the rush

While seagulls fly into the horizon

And the sun is dimmed under the sea


I tuck her in and hold her light

Looking for a brighter day

But as the moon rises into the sky

She whispers dreams unconceivable unreal

That can brighten any night like seven golden suns


I cannot feel my fingertips running through the cold grains

And while the breeze strokes my skin

I smile eyes wide shut


My, oh my, how can it be

That such unfathomable thoughts

Can simply come to life


Let’s walk on the wooden deck hand in hand

Crackling and squeaking under our trembling steps

I hear your smile and see your voice

Entering this heart of mine

Wrap me up

Hold me down

I can live in this moment


But we walk hand in hand onto the sea

Dark under our feet

I will drink your stars bubbling in my throat

They shall never faint or wither


I thirst for nothing but for you

And the moon smiles

She smiles firing stars from every orbit

From every galaxy

Into the atmosphere where we both exist at the same time

And I hold your hand as we dance

Gracefully madly on our toes


Your eyes are speaking so loudly,

They silence my words

My brain is exploding with every word I ever learnt

But nothing


I gaze as you swirl

I gaze as you play with time

I gaze as you laugh and sing and dance


Ever so mesmerizing

Ever so fascinating

How did we get here?

In all of this world

With all of its people

How did our constellations fall into the same embrace?


I hold your hand as you fall on the sand

And kiss your lips

For what seems like a lifetime of thunder storms

And lightning bolts

I kiss your lips

And fall behind

Time seizes to exist


And the sun, she rises

Sneaking a peak from behind the doors of heaven

And my heart breaks as I hide you in the folds of my thoughts


Good night moon


Good morning sun.