The smiling dream… memories from a past I had forgotten

Let me tell you a little story… of a heart that is torn apart by fear, by desire.

On one side there is the beautiful dream…

The dream that is not tangible, that i will never get a hold of. The dream that fears me. That fears his desires. The dream that is fading… I try no to hold on so tightly to it so I don’t scare it. Dreams are made to be followed. and I’m following mine. I don’t know how much longer I get to enjoy it. But now that I have it I’m going to cherish it, cradle it, cuddle it… and do my best to understand it.

I will not have regrets.

I will love my dream, as long as i get to have it…

On the other side of my heart, I have a smile. A smile that enlightens my soul. A smile that I so long for. That I suffer when I see but can not touch. The smile I reach to grasp, and as soon as I feel it warm my heart, it tarnishes and hides in your sweet sweet face. Smiles are made to be enjoyed, to provoke, to desire… smiles make us smile… smiles are not supposed to fall in our traps and be hidden with our hands… so I enjoy this smile…

I will love this smile, as long as it keeps painting on my heart and soul… and so I sit here now, painting my feelings away. I sit here now, holding my brush thinking about the dream and the smile… and i wonder, will i ever get to get closer… will I be confided in…. will the candle enlighten my heart so it could erase all my confusion?!


3 thoughts on “The smiling dream… memories from a past I had forgotten

  1. This song for Maria Mena, has been playing in my head over and over again. I googled the lyrics, tried to read some comments, and then I accidentally landed here. I have been reading your posts, everyday for the past two weeks.
    You made me think, understand, frown, sweat.. You made me smile, dream and gave me goose bumps!
    Those smiles, hold on to them; your smiling dream, that baby you cradle, your wonderful morning smile, the eyes that make you float while two butterflies dance… Your are blessed, and I honestly envy all these racing heart beats you are getting..
    Two diverged roads is my second favorite post..
    You are an amazing writer, i just love your posts. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I think that i’ve never heard any comment that made me so complete as this one! I appreciate you encouraging me and supporting me. But it’s me who has to thank you for giving me such a boost on what started off as a bad day.

      i do wish for you to go through all the ups and downs of love and passion and have them embrace you in such happiness.

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