Still forest.

There is a me inside, that I keep at a distance; intangible, unattainable, almost mystical

Shadows of a light; precautious and fearful in the waves of the winds

Breathe me in and breathe me out, I will bend and twitch, curve and bow

You can’t tumble down my white walls of lies and hidden locks;

Now you may drizzle on my ray of light and hope to fade it into the night,

But how can you expect a little bit of rain, to shun out something that the mind can’t contain.



My twisted mind may be unacceptable, despised by a society terribly ignorant,

And my body may be a sin of sorts, inviting you to praise the Satan from within.

For all intense and purposes, you search for a soul to blame and condemn and prosecute;

Knowing well that in fact, you can never fight something so instinctive so divine.


Build me up inside your mind; display me on your crystal pedestal,

Make me into some forbidden lust; it only grows weary on me.


There is a me inside, that I keep at a distance; for you will never comprehend,

You will never seize the depths of my depth,

The breath to my inner soul,

The demons in my innocent glare,

The light in the shadow of my fingertips.