Swirl into my mind and damage my senses, while I ache for everything that is you; I cling to your breath as if it were my own and enjoy every simple moment with you. My mind rumbles with enticing thoughts of our simple moments of pure insanity and I hide a smile; scared I’d be caught indulging yet again in one of our kisses.

In the dying leaves of my autumn heart you light up a fire to sooth my senses. And while I fly through a cloud, my fingertips almost touching the rain, I breathe in every bit of your smile.

“Swing my love til you’re drunk and happy,

Swing my dear til you’re drunk and free;

Ratle my bones and shake me

Turn me into a dark twisted fantasy.

Stop my heart from beating,

With a breath from your being;

Stitch me up and melt me down

A seed into the solid ground.