Love is him.

–          Do you love me?

–          You know that I do.

–          But you don’t say it… do you love me?

–          That’s because you keep asking me, so I never get a chance to just say it.

–          So you don’t love me?

–          I never said that.

–          Just admit it!

–          I love you.

–          No you don’t! Admit it!

–          But I really do.

–          You do?

–          I really really do.

–          Do you want to know if I love you?

–          I do know.

–          How do you know?

–          I just figured.

–          What is that?

–          That you love me.

–          Well I don’t!

–          Why not?

–          Because you don’t love me!

–          You don’t make sense anymore.

–          You just don’t understand me.