Blood of guilt

She spread her legs as the devil told her one last time “there is no turning back from here”.  Her thighs burned with pain as she gripped onto the sheets so tightly and grinded her teeth. She was sweating drops of blood going down her back, almost scaring her.

She knew pretty well that the road she was forced to take was going to be the biggest regret of her life… a walk of shame for the rest of her “living” days. Oh she was upset and ashamed and filled with so much anger she could let out a deafening  roar… but she stayed quiet and nodded with tears in her eyes.

She just wanted an easy way out, a placebo pill that will numb the pain of all the heart aches she’s collected and all the scars she’s carved on her wrists…

As she reminisced on all the past years that have tarnished her soul, she let out one last sigh before her voice was permanently muffled  by the blood driven thirst.