My morning smile*

I squinted my eyes as I heard the buzzing noise. It can’t be morning already, can it? The light was struggling to find its way to the sheets that were curled up between my legs. I felt the smudged mascara on my eye lashes; the smell of cigarette smoke in my hair marinated in a sweet smell of perfume and freshness. As I inhaled it all in, feeling the security of the blend filling me in, I turned around to hide between your arms. Something so good, so delicate came all over me. I could feel you looking at me as i breathed every bit of you in. your playful fingers ran along my back as you kissed my shoulder and I smiled still hidden in between the layers of that night, hiding away from the morning sun.

I smile as I reminisce now about all the morning butterflies I felt. And I quiver at the thought of waking up next to you again and again. The thought of it caresses my soul into infinite joy. And as a distant tangible dream comes back to me, i indulge in the memory just created. Sweet, innocent and pure.