Swirl into my mind*

Stop it! Stop rushing and running into those fields of daisies.

Melt my lips with a whisper and crush it! Speak words of love, forgotten with the morning sun. I choose to be a victim of your insensitivity! A martyr by choice for those sparkling eyes. Draw your fingers down my aching back and make me bleed drops of burning poison. Hold on to me tight and let time pass us by.

The more you push me away, the more I drown into your hands. And I fall into this swirl of dangerous temptations of words and things like flawed and broken compliments. And when I give in to your negligence, you draw me back into this web of shiny heartfelt feelings.

The moment, the exact moment I think I got you all figured out, you bend and twist my truths into shapes and shades of black I can’t recognize.

Fall back and surrender! Crash my bones with your skin! Why do you torment me so?