Mirror mirror on the wall

I stare at my reflection in the mirror. Drown into those girl’s eyes; a shadow of someone I used to know. She used to be so confident and fearless, a doer. And now she just waits.

She waits for someone to pick her up and shake her off.

You see this girl once used to roam the streets a queen…now she looks left and right every time she needs to cross them.

At your sight her knees quiver and her heart breaks. She can feel her stomach drop so low it smashes and shatters against the floor.

I do not like this person. She disgusts me.

I still remember this lie from the eye of the careless one.  A broken glass of wine that bled on the carpet. She had guts and pride. She had a soul and spine.

I’ll teach this shadow how to be, how to grow. I’ll show her what it means to move on and walk away.

And it shall never be again.