Wishing Well [GUEST POST]

I have been irritated lately by the repeated posting of certain facebook statuses wishing life had a “ctrl-z” button -an undo button. And I always think it’s a stupid thing, praising that life is a series of mistakes we make that we should enjoy.

It has been a while now that I reflect upon a specific mistake I’ve done, and I thought why is it a mistake? What defines a mistake? For all I know it’s a blessing in disguise and so far, after more than a year since this so called mistake, I’m doing good.
Quoting Douglas Adams “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be” Then the question is why do I keep thinking about it?!

I guess all the stuff about not knowing what a person is worth to you until you lose them is true, its not that I regret my decision now after all this time, but given the chance I would have done things differently.

However, as everyone knows, seldom do we get that option; most of the time we waste it again and again until all chances are depleted and all is left is remorse and our new found maturity.

By Kay.