Electrifying you.

There’s a beautiful comfort in our eyes, the kind that drives me wild inside. It lingers on my heart and floats. There’s a symphony of silence that bewilders me when I rest in your arms, the way you touch my hand, almost as if you don’t even realize it, it makes everything fade away.

There’s an unexplainable restlessness that settles when you’re gone. It feeds off our energy and sips its water from my drenching thirst for you. There’s a balanced sense of fear when I see you, because I don’t know what will be coming next.

There’s a certain kind of ambiguity that lies between us. Questions unanswered willingly for fear of ruining what is. There’s a certain telepathic wittiness that flows when we’re together and we know exactly how all the pieces of this puzzle can fit.

There’s you and I and everyone else. A world that we cradle so gently scared that it would collapse.

There’s you and I. A secret connection that we treasure as is.

There’s us. A distant palpable dream of sorts.

I look at you and I smile. You bring peace to my mind and soul.

Recommended playlist: All about you – Bruno Mars
Mad about you – Hooverphonics
I want you – Savage Garden


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