Have you ever witnessed two butterflies dancing; the enticing flow between two little colorful souls that linger and yet not touch, an odd couple of mismatch that fits perfectly in a waltz of harmony?

It rises with the sun, on the first rose petal, drenched in the water drops drizzling against the leaves. It stretches and bends back and flutters in circles… always close but never enough.

And when the fragile wings s’efleurent en unisson electric vibes collide and create rushing feelings of wonderment and fear. Smiling jolts and quivering laughter, shy looks and revealing serenity. Words lost in translation, now meaningless.

But the butterflies continue with their ballet of feelings, not knowing, but not caring. So many questions with no answers… better left a mystery, a little harmless secret. What good does it do to draw logic out of every majestic movement?

The sky remains blue- as blue as it gets. A beautiful canvas for the ballade of the wind.

The sea remains serene- as serene as could be. An arena on water for the trembling fingers.

Comes the night, they both feel drunk with inner peace, ecstatic with outer fixation, elate from amazement… a contradiction of sorts for another day gone amplified by that brilliant smile.

Smile petit papillon, happiness suits you.

Recommended playlist: Papillon – Nadine Khouri

Sun and Moon – A&B

Time is running out – Muse