Just when you thought you had it all figured out…

It all starts with the first ray of light, the moment when you open your eyes and you cling to your sheets. That’s when all of the inspiration of the day hits you; the exact moment when your toes are cold and tingly, while your blood is soothing and warm through your veins.

And it all starts again…

Ibai Acevedo

Do you believe in coincidences?

Well I don’t… Everything is intertwined, all is interconnected. Every choice that I made yesterday will affect my life in ten years… you may call it the butterfly effect, you may call it karma or even the law of attraction… all these theories sum up to one and only ideology.

The choices you make today, will for sure affect your life path all the way. And with every changing variable, the entire equation changes.

And the single most influential variable of all: human nature…

The contradictions that lie within a person are mesmerizing, to say the least. People are filled with good and evil… essentially we’re all raw, wild, passionate and driven by our instincts… the black in the Ying. That’s when your parents, environment and society come in to mold you, to sculpt the little pieces of your soul into something more convenient to your entourage… Contradictions then arouse: good vs evil, right vs wrong, perfection vs imperfection… It all shapes you.

However, while some people think that it is in being absolutely good and pure and morally driven, you become perfect; I believe that it is when you balance the various aspects of your personality, that’s when you become whole.

A purely good person? How annoying is that! you can never believe such a person and at some point he/she will develop into being a snob show off.

Perfection is when you realize all the imperfection there are in a soul and create such a dynamic that will balance various aspects and contradictions out.

Therefore, every morning, I wake up with the tingly exciting feeling of wonderment:

How will this day shape me?

Where will my new encounters lead me?

Are the plans I made yesterday still valid today?

And what, Oh what will this new day surprise me with?

Inspired from an earlier undone post and from current events I am savoring as long as I get to