The silent symphony of chaos.

Do you ever feel crowded in an empty room, with thoughts glistening in your head like sparkling diamonds?
When words flash in front of your eyes, as if you were out of the matrix, out of this world. As if you can see holograms of your desires tangible yet so far.
And you can’t make sense of anything, neither letters nor ideas. Lining them up in the hopes of drawing a picture framed ideology. Staring at your bedroom wall, feeling your chambers drown with words and meanings.

And you run!
And they chase you!
But you can out run it all, for weeks and months; why not years and lifetimes… What’s so shameful in running?

And there are those moments, when you’re entrapped in a crowded room. People yell and scream, thinking their ideas will be louder. The shout to be heard. They shout, but no one cares. The voices grow bigger. This chaotic mess of anger and frustration, even laughter and exhilaration.

Breath in, breath in deep…

Can you hear that?
Silence in the middle of a chaotic rumble. A symphony of peace, a still picture. And you smile. You think you’re completely mad. But you smile anyway, because you’ve found serenity in the midst of all the noisy thoughts.

And I finish sipping my lemonade, reading my book.

“Seriously Rita, how can you even focus”

“I donno… Guess I’m selfish that way”

Recommended playlist:
Breathe in breathe out – Matt Kearney
Robbie’s Note – Dario Marianelli