The light that leads into the dark.

As the air that swifts beneath the sand to lift it up and touch the sky, and the sea collapses embracing the shore, the sun glides into the horizon, hiding its face in masquerade and shame.

People wear off and slide under their sheets. Giving in, surrendering to the comfort and the warmth of their sanctuaries. Or is cowardice letting its face show after the struggle of a day?

Other lost souls wander off into the night, guided by the moonlight, torn apart by desire and ambition leading them into one road, whilst values and morals tread the other way.

People lost on the streets, smoking their cigarettes, drunken, broken, stolen and often cryin’

“Excuse me sir, may I borrow your soul for the night, for I can’t sleep when I dream, and when I’m awake I am flawed” begs and pleads the old man.

He spent his entire life trying like a gentleman, and his wife died of hunger and pain. Heartbroken, he was, when he swallowed his pride and overlooked his beliefs… he never under-looked ever since.

And the young woman laughs at him, spreading her legs, showing her thighs, hiding her tear, masking her scars. She is still 6 in her heart, but which man cares about such trivia and useless core values?

And fear in itself drives all the creatures of the night. Fear twists their arms and they fall on their knees unknowing. In the shadow of the moon, they all show their true nature, unveil their true passions and sell their souls for the self satisfaction of an addiction.

Who can honestly claim freedom from addiction? I know no such man.

And all men ask the same questions.
Questions they know how to answer.
Questions they know how to eliminate.

Then on, stupidity drags mediocrity; poverty drags failure; and money, oh the most powerful of all weapons, drags subordination.

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