Back Home…

We come across different people everyday. Some stay in our lives for longer than time can stand. Others just drift by leaving a cool breeze of light.
We all meet so many people that shift us, bend us, uplift us, break us, mold us, set us free and mostly make us. All along the way, the impact they leave on us stays as a little smudge of character, a little lesson of what not and what to.
We expect the highest morals out of the people we encounter, thinking that they will last. And we hold on so tight to them, fearing the loss of their presence and hence their effect on us.

What we don’t realize is that some people are meant to leave, because in their leaving they impact on us the most, they linger in our soul the most and they do their greatest work in that way.

Whilst fluttering from one to another, we ourselves pick up pieces that shape us. A quality from here, a horrible tic from there. We subconsciously decide what we would like to be, through them, because of them, thanks to them. And we form and reform.

The hardest part of saying goodbye is letting go. It’s the most unselfish act humanly possible: when you willingly set free someone that brings you utter stimulation, whether good or bad.

Then again…
There are those people who, just as willfully, you decide not to let go. Those people that you know, no matter what, they will always belong to you, with you. It’s a little hard to separate them from the rest. And usually, when you realize that those are meant to stay, it would be too late. But truth is, there’s no harm in trying to fight for those you love.

Truth is, some people are worth fighting for, no matter how much time comes in between you.
When you know what you have is worth keeping, when you know that groveling and begging will not be held against you, when you’re lucky enough to captivate all of what this person means to you, then hang on to them. And hang on to them hard. They are a rare few.

It’s never too late.