Sugar, we’re going down…

When does a feeling really die?
When you fall in love with someone, let go and move on, could it be possible that you are not fully over them?
Is it possible to still feel pain, even when its source has long gone away?
How do you know that you got your closure?
Could something that lasted over a year, mean as much as something that lasted for a month?
Is it ok to wait for a divine answer without even trying?
Is it possible to get back something after you’ve lost it?
Is possible for someone to still think of you as they once did?
Could loving someone be with both your mind and heart?
Do you really think you can control your emotions?
And how long is it before you realize what’s important?
What do you do when you miss someone it hurts, but you can’t do anything about it?
How can you stand being away from your loved one day after day, night after night?
And why oh why do people lie?
Why do they break your heart?
Why do they feel the need to doubt ur love?
Why have they got so little faith?
Why do they work so hard on molding you, shaping you, spinning you into something you’re not?
And why do they ruin all the beautiful memories you had of them?
God I wish there were answers to these dilemmas! Do I even want to know?

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