Wishing upon a shooting star.

In the serenity of the night, in the midst of all the darkness on top of the Baalbacki Mountain I sat with my brother and sister and stared at the sky. We sat there in the silence for about an hour, barely whispering. There was no noise around us, not even the sound of the cool protective breeze.  It was cold and we held on tight to our hot coffee spread around the car in the wilderness. We were still and in awe.  Then my brother excitedly said, gently breaking the silence, his finger pointed at the sky: “did you see it?”

And the magic started. The three of us stood in amazement, admiring this wonderful phenomenon.  Shooting stars were all over the sky, randomly popping out, to extinguish their light as soon as it appeared. I could see my sister’s eyes glowing in the dark, smiling.

I don’t think I remember the last time we three gathered over something alone. And it was pure and utter bliss.

We later came home, for it was too late. However, we were determined on not missing out. Une étoile filante, on n’en rencontre pas tous les jours;  alors une  dizaine, ca seraient prêt de l’impossible.

At 3AM, my brother and I got our prepared playlist to the backyard. Each one of us sat on a chair. I was wrapped up in a blanket. Yes, a blanket in the middle of the summer. But my God, it was cold.

Yet again, comfortable silence settled between us, with the soft rock music playing in the background.

One shooting star, two shooting stars, three shooting stars… and then I lost count. I couldn’t make sense of it anymore. When you look at something for a long time, your perspective starts to change. That’s when ideas started shooting through my head like those stars. Colliding in the vast emptiness.  Lighting up out of nowhere, only to quench before I could make sense of them.

Slowly, the sky started to glide. I couldn’t see the vast infinity of it anymore. Suddenly, the sky ended at my fingertips. As if I could almost touch it and stride my fingers all along those little sparkling diamonds. As if those etoiles filantes rose from my hand into the night. And the limitless sky suddenly felt like a dark carpet ceiling that someone flung thousands and thousands of shiny rocks on. I smiled at the thought of restricting something so endless, so misunderstood, so unbelievably mesmerizing; at the thought of controlling what your mind knows and tricking it into believing something it can never accept.

As I dozed off a little, I heard my brother’s voice singing. It was maroon 5’s I Won’t Go Home Without You. We started singing together softly. I think that this moment is on my top favorite brotherly moments.

He asked if he should make a wish. I told him that he could if he wanted to.

He then wondered how this worked. I replied saying that it didn’t matter when you made the wish, whether it was as you saw the shooting star or after, as long as it came from your heart and that the wish was not selfish.

He looked at me and said: “wa3ed?”. I smiled: “akid”

I was asked if I had made any wish upon a star. And I have. Only one wish. One single wish that I’ve been making for the past 9 months.  But I didn’t want to make another wish.

You’ll probably think I’m completely crazy, however I truly believed in the following. I didn’t want to abuse the stars. I just need this wish to constantly come true and I’ll be more than satisfied.  I was frightened that if I had made more than one wish, I’d be considered greedy and have my desire ignored.

Still wrapped up in my blanket, sitting outside in the cold, I have only one thought in my mind.