Zen Attitude

Close your eyes…

By Ibai Acevedo

Think slowly…

So slowly and smile.

Can you hear how everything slows down with you, even the gentle breeze of air that sneaks up through your window?

Can you feel your heartbeat race through your neck down to your knees? Oh how weak they are!

Stretch your arm, reach for the unreachable, but don’t open your eyes.

With your imagination, anything is possible…

Breath in, taste every molecule that goes through you. The moment you open your lips, they’ll escape again.

Do you know what she’s thinking? You can if you just focus…

There’s no darkness in your mind, there’s no hesitation. Have you ever seen her like this?

The sun, the rays they caress her soul, they go through her body. The light, it goes around, and wraps her in a gentle cradle.

It’s ok if you need to sleep, she won’t go. She’ll cradle you from dusk til dawn.

She’ll stay for you as long as you need her to.

Recommended song: The moment I said it by Imogen Heap