Green sceneries of the unfamiliar

There are certain moments, in one’s life, which he does not forget.

Yes of course, I know what comes to mind first; life changing, self revealing, soul exploring moments when you know that our life will never be the same again: turning points.

However, this is not what I’m talking about. We all go through various turning points in our lives where every single perspective around us changes and either evolves or gets destroyed. Where you know that your life’s path will diverge completely from its original course, because you, yourself, are simply no longer the same person anymore!

Deaths… Heart breaks…. Loss… Success… New beginnings… Betrayal and many other ups and downs.

By Ibai Acedevo

No, what I’m talking about here is those simple pure moments of epiphany that happen once in a blue moon. It’s when you feel your entire existence changing as you go through it. As the seconds go by, you see it through your eyes how your perspective evolves and matures. How the colors you’re seeing are tangible as if you can almost taste them.  How the air you breathe suddenly has a different taste of blossoming flowers and heavenly cloud. And how the breeze that swift by your hair feels warm on your neck and arms.

Those few seconds that you can only notice if you’re extremely aware of your six senses.

I was once on my way home through a road that I’ve known for years and years. A road that with time became so familiar to an extent where I became blind to its beauty and its scenes, to an extent where I became oblivious of the little details around it, up until the point it became unfamiliar to me.

You could say I was feeling quite blue at the time. And the colors around me were dull and dusty.

What I’m going to describe to you next, I can see it every time I close my eyes specifically and utterly.

I turn my head to the window, overlooking the vast valley of green trees and to my surprise I was mesmerized by a golden ray of sunlight that was overflowing the entire forest. The colors that were not so long ago fade and dark, were now enlightened and flashy in such a way that my eyes grew bigger and I remember having to catch my breath away because of how beautiful that scene was. The merging colors went straight to my heart and touched it.

I whispered to my dad to stop the car, but he was moving too fast to notice anything himself. I recall clearly just wanting to get out of that car and sit at the edge of the valley and just stare at the view for hours on end.

This barely lasted five seconds…. But the warm feeling of how the once familiar regained its glory and beauty tingled up my emotions.

You might not relate to what I’m trying to convey by sharing this experience with you, and you might think that there is no way this could be considered as a turning point. However, as much as I’d like to think it wasn’t myself, I must admit that these brief seconds changed my entire year’s course.